10 Best Methods on How to Download YouTube Videos for FREE

There are many ways you can download YouTube videos for free. You need not a single penny from your pocket to get the videos and to watch them offline anywhere and anytime you like. What you need is just one of the following methods to download YouTube videos with any device you have. Read this article for more information about the methods.

1. Using YouTube's built-in download feature

It is basically possible to download YouTube videos for free directly from Android and iOS devices. To download a video, all you have to do is tap the "Download" button beneath it. You can watch it offline on your device.

Yet, this method is only applicable to videos that allow downloading. Furthermore, the videos downloaded by this method can only be kept for personal use and cannot be shared on other online platforms.


Download button to download youtube videos from YouTube app


2. Using Free Download YouTube Videos for Android

Android mobile phones are used by at least 3 billion people. That's why there are a lot of apps developed for this operating system, including apps to download YouTube videos. AhaSave All Video Downloader is one of our favorite apps for Android. It is free and easy to use.


AhaSave All Video Downloader to download Youtube videos for FREE


3. Using YouTube Videos Downloader for iOS

Another second widely used operating system is iOS. However, iOS will not make your way easy to download videos from YouTube for safety reasons. But, don't worry. You can use Online YouTube Videos Downloader from Ahatik for free to get your favorite videos.


Ahatik YouTube Downloader


4. Using Dekstop Software

One of the free ways to download YouTube videos for dekstop users is by using FreeMake. You can download the dekstop software first. FreeMake provides you with free software for Windows and Mac Dekstop.


FreeMake Software to Download Youtube Videos from Dekstop


5. Using Browser Add-on to Download Video

If you think dekstop software is not practical for you, you should try extensions provided by your browser. These extensions will enable you to download videos directly from your browser. Not all browsers let you download videos from YouTube. But, if you are Opera users, you can install the add on to download YouTube videos for free.


Youtube Downloader Add-On to download videos from Youtube


6. Using Telegram Bot YouTube Downloader

If you are Telegram users, you can find Telegram bot to download YouTube like Utubebot. What you need is a personal group and invite the bot to your group. You just need to paste the link to videos in the group and let the bot give you many options to download your YouTube videos for free. Click the options and wait until the bot uploads video to the group. You can watch it in Telegram or save it in your gallery.


7. Using screen recording software

For you who are seeking to download video streams on YouTube, screen recording software presents a viable solution. Screen recorder is compatible with a variety of systems and devices, such as Android, iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, Windows, and various Linux distributions.


8. Using Network Tabs in the Browser

If your web browser provides you with developer tools, you may be able to locate the video file's URL via the "Network" tab, and then download it directly.


9. Using a command-line tool

If you are familiar with technology, you can download YouTube videos for free from the command line using tools such as youtube-dl and Wget. This small trick can be very helpful in saving time and effort when downloading online videos. However, this method is not recommended for beginners.


10. Using the "Fetch as Google" feature in Google Search Console

You can also use the "Fetch as Google" feature on Google Search Console in order to download YouTube videos for free. This method will work if you are webmasters with websites.

These 10 methods mentioned above are completely free. You can use them to download videos from YouTube. However, you should use them wisely and ask permission from the owner to download copyrighted contents on YouTube.



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