[UPDATED] How to Convert YouTube to MP3 Online for Free


As a video sharing platform, YouTube also stores millions of music. Even with the rise of playing music services like Spotify, Joox, and so on, many people still convert YouTube to MP3 online. This is because besides the official video clip, there are a lot of non-official videos from cover singers, remixers, and even composers who offer us a lot of options to listen to on YouTube. This makes YouTube keep its position as the most favorite platform for audio-visual content.

In this article, you will learn how to convert YouTube to MP3 Online. It is entirely a free way for you to get any video on YouTube. However, we strongly suggest you to use this tutorial wisely and for personal purposes only. This is because some of the videos may have copyright licenses. And we don't want you to have any trouble. So, it's better to be prepared first.


Step 1: Choose Your Selected Videos on YouTube


There are a lot of videos on YouTube. It depends on your preference and needs. You may choose videos from official singers, cover singers, remixers, and even amateurs to listen to music that can accompany your trips. You may choose audio-book videos on YouTube if you want to spend your time more productive. What you need is just search for it on YouTube.


Search Your Video on YouTube




If you use dekstop browser and need to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 Online, you can copy the link of your selected YouTube videos that are placed on the above of your videos or click right to the video and select 'Copy Video URL'. But if you use mobile YouTube apps, you can click the share button and then select the copy link option.


Copy your URL Video to Convert Videos to MP3



Step 3: Choose Your Website Tool to Convert YouTube to MP3 Online


To convert a YouTube video into mp3 file format, you need a free tool that must be easy to use. An online website tool is what you need. We recommend you to use Ahatik.com. Of course, there are a lot of website tools on the internet such as Yt2mate, Ytgoconverter, and so on. But you can try Ahatik because it is free and easy to use and the name is so catchy in our minds. Not hard to remember. After you open Ahatik.com, by default, you will be on TikTok Downloader Page. Then, you can select YouTube to MP3 Converter page in the menu header above if you are using a PC browser.


Select Ahatik Youtube to MP3 Converter to Convert YouTube to MP3 Online for Free


But, if you are using a mobile browser, you can tap the stripes icon on the right corner above if you are using a mobile browser.


Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 by Ahatik in Mobile Browser



After you are on YouTube to MP3 Converter, you can paste your video link to column and click the Download button on the right.


Ahatik Youtube to MP3 Converter


Step 5: Choose Your Preferred Quality

Then, Ahatik.com will offer you several qualities to convert YouTube to MP3 Online. Select the quality of the MP3 that you want, and click download again for that quality.


Select Quality Audio to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Online


Step 6: Enjoy Your MP3


Here, you can enjoy your mp3 and listen to it as long as you want anywhere.

These are the steps of how you convert YouTube to MP3 Online for free. It is easy and there is no need for another third party software or apps. Now you can listen to any video you want from YouTube in MP3 format. Besides using Ahatik, actually there are other best ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3 for free. But using Ahatik is the simplest way we can have.




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