10 Best FREE Ways to Download YouTube Videos [UPDATED]

How to download YouTube videos? Have you ever found yourself with that question? If yes, you come to the right place! There are many ways to download videos from YouTube from any of your devices, for any purposes, and we have listed the 10 Best free ways to download YouTube videos that you can try.

1. Using website or online YouTube Downloader

There are many online YouTube downloader out there. One of our favourites is Ahatik YouTube Downloader. Ahatik YouTube Downloader is free and safe to use. Download any videos you want with one click. Bonus: Ahatik is super light! Click here to try Ahatik!

Ahatik YouTube Downloader


2. Using YouTube's built-in download feature

Some YouTube videos allow you to download them directly from YouTube's website. To do this, you will need to click on the "Download" button under the video on your Android or iOS devices.


Download button to download youtube videos from YouTube App


This method of downloading YouTube videos will allow you to watch the videos offline without any network connection, but you will not be able to send the video as MP4 or other formats to your social media or messaging apps.

As easy as it sounds, website downloader or what we usually call online youtube video downloader are websites that allow you to download youtube videos only using your browser, supporting almost any common browser, you can download almost any videos from YouTube in as little as one click!


3. Using a browser extension

Browser extensions work by adding a "Download" button to YouTube's website, which you can click to initiate the download. But first, you need to download the extension by visiting your browser's extension store. Then find your YouTube Downloader extension. The downside is, many of the extensions are no longer supported by the developer. Please be very careful and DWYOR!


Downloader Chrome Extension to download youtube videos


4. Using a mobile app

Your phone is capable of downloading videos online, such as downloading youtube videos using mobile apps. YouTube Downloader app will allow you to download YouTube videos. One of our favourites is AhaSave All Video Downloader. AhaSave all video downloader is an Android downloader that can help you to download any videos online right from your phone! Easy, Fast, and Lightweight!


AhaSave all video downloader to download videos


5. Using screen recording software

If you want to download a live stream or a video that doesn't allow downloads, you can use screen recording software to record the video as it plays on your devices. Screen recorder is widely available for any device and OS like Android, iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, Windows, to various Linux distributions.


Screen recorder to download youtube videos


The downside of this method is that the screen recording app will run side by side with your video app or browser app, resulting in high-resource usage that can affect your screen recording video being stuttered.


6. Using desktop software

There are many desktop software programs that can help you to download YouTube videos. One example is 4K Video Downloader, a freemium desktop downloader to download YouTube videos as video files such as MP4. You need to buy the license to access the full features of the app, otherwise, you can use it for free with limitations.


7. Using the "Save As" function

In some web browsers, you can right-click on the video and select "Save As" to download the video to your computer. Unfortunately, most chromium based browsers do not have this function anymore.


8. Using the "Network" tab in your browser's developer tools

If you have a web browser that has developer tools, you may be able to use the "Network" tab to find the URL of the video file and download it directly.


9. Using the "Fetch as Google" feature in Google Search Console

For the webmaster, if you have a website, you can use the "fetch as Google" feature in Google Search Console to download the video file.


10. Using a "command-line" tool

Example of command-line tools that allow you to download YouTube videos are youtube-dl and Wget. If you are tech savvy, you will not be surprised that you can also download videos online right from command-line.

So that's all 10 best ways to download YouTube videos! Please share it with your friends if you find it useful!

Please note that downloading videos from YouTube is considered a violation of YouTube's terms of service and downloading copyrighted content without permission may be illegal in some countries. You should always respect the rights of content creators and only download videos for personal use.



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